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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

'Incredible Hulk' tracking better than 'Iron Man'?

According to movietickets.com's internal polling, Marvel's "Incredible Hulk" reboot is actually garnering stronger buzz and anticipation than "Iron Man" did before its release. According to the poll 49% of ticket buyers on the site were aware of the upcoming release "Incredible Hulk" vs. 36% of buyers three weeks before "Iron Man." "Hulk" will be released on June 13th.

The original Hulk, directed by Ang Lee, debuted in June of 2003 with $62.1 million, finishing domestically with $132m. I'd take this survey with a grain of salt, not least because three weeks before Iron Man we weren't even in the Summer movie season. Frankly, I don't see Incredible Hulk coming close to a $100 million opening, but hey, I've been wrong before.

So what do you guys think? Is $100 million in the cards for Hulk?

1 comment:

greenknight333 said...

I see the Hulk requel garnering about 60-75 million on opening weekend and finishing 180-200 million domestic with another 200-300 million in overseas box office. The movie will have to make 500 million worldwide or we will not see another hulk film unless he makes an appearance in the Avengers movie which is highly likely. THe buzz I have seen on the net has been great but nohwere near the anticipation that was out there for Shell Head's movie. That being said though I think since Irom Man has had his box office run the marketing and positive buzz on hulk has skyrocketed...I am REALLY looking forward to this movie and the few reviews that are out there have stated that MArvel have done as good a job on this one as they did with Iron Man...Whew!!